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This is what I have, I have left div, and a right div. The left div is a fixed width, and floated left. The right Div is a "display: block" to make it full width, and has a margin on the left to compensate for the left div. Both of the boxes have a fixed height, and need to be scrollable (the contents inside). I add an overflow-y to the Left div successfully. However when I add overflow-y: auto to the right div, the div no longer spans the whole div.

Before adding Overflow: http://jsbin.com/asecuy/

After adding Overflow: http://jsbin.com/asecuy/2

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You need to unset

.eventdetails {
    margin-left: 252px;

This margin is causing the bug. I'm guessing it just doesn't play nice together with overflow-y and the float next to it (should work though I think).

Here it is working:


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Wow, Thanks, completely overlooked that. –  Hyper Sep 21 '11 at 19:15

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