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I've seen questions on here about this, but no can't find any solutions. Does anyone have a push in the right direction for streaming audio picked up from the mic to a server? Like a one-way walkie talkie.

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You'll need a combination of AVCaptureSession and AVCaptureDevice to read from the microphone - see the AV Foundation Programming Guide.

Then once you've got the data you'll need to stream it up to a server. Use TCP/IP sockets (see the CFNetwork Programming Guide).

Then just read the mic data, optionally transform it (compress, bit rate etc) and push it down the socket.

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do you know, in wich format audio block are arriving in captureOutput:didOutputSampleBuffer:fromConnection:? is it PCM? all the blocks have equal size of 2088 bytes. is it possible somehow to require certain compression like AAC or other? –  peetonn May 23 '12 at 23:11

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