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The problem I am having IS NOT with text on my webpage, nevermind "is it inside a <p> tag, or make sure it's in a <div> and -webkit-text-size-adjust: none; or 100%; does not fix this problem.

What I'm talking about is the placeholder values that display inside a text field are being re-sized by the iPhone browser and this is in turn re-sizing the height of each text field and in turn throwing off the alignment of the form fields to their backgrounds.

Link to Problem (Visit with iphone to see the problem, obviously)

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The problem was not the font size, but rather the input boxes themselves. The iPhone browser was adding a padding to them, so this was the fix:

`input{padding:1px 0;}`


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Looking at your source, it looks like you may be trying to use

<input type="blah" placeholder="text">

but you do not affect the placeholder style in these kinds of tags. Instead, you should use something like

input::-webkit-input-placeholder { ...whatever here... } 

to affect styling.

Check out this link on styling placeholders in various browsers.

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This does not really address my question, but I appreciate you passing on this info. Although, I notice that ueing placeholder="..." inside of <input> works on all browsers except for IE. – Solid I Sep 22 '11 at 16:44

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