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I am using an javascript array to swap images and act like a slide show. I am looking to apply an image map to each image and link to a specific page when clicked.

I need to code an image map hot spot covering a rectangle from (24,247) to (174,284) becomes a link. But I need each image to link to a different page (the hotspot location remains the same on every image.) How do I program this so when each image changes in the slide show it links to a different page?

Here is the coding involved: in Head Section (js file listed far below):

<style> #Slideshow1 img {height:356px; width:912px}</style>
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/slideshowmerge.js"></script>

In the HTML Section to place array:

<div class="box_broadstyle">

  var imgArray = new Array();
  imgArray[0] = "images2/slide_pics/full/ashley.png"; 
  imgArray[1] = "images2/slide_pics/full/auburn.png"; 
  imgArray[2] = "images2/slide_pics/full/brooklyn.png";
  imgArray[3] = "images2/slide_pics/full/cobane.png";
  imgArray[4] = "images2/slide_pics/full/giddeon.png";
  imgArray[5] = "images2/slide_pics/full/hartford.png";
  imgArray[6] = "images2/slide_pics/full/saratoga.png";
  imgArray[7] = "images2/slide_pics/full/seabrook.png";
  imgArray[8] = "images2/slide_pics/full/spring.png";



Slideshowmerge.js listed here:

// Merging Image Slideshow

var slideshowMergeAnimate = new Array();
var slideshowMergeTimer   = new Array();
var slideshowMergeCount   = new Array();
var slideshowMergeImages  = new Array();


function slideshowMerge(id,cl,imageArray,fadeInterval,holdTime)

    var imgLoad = new Image();
    imgLoad.src = imageArray[i];

    cl = ' class="'+cl+'"';

  document.write('<div id="'+id+'"'+cl+' style="position:relative">');
  document.write('<img id="'+id+'img1" style="position:absolute; top:0px; left:0px;" onload="slideshowMergeRun(\''+id+'\')"/>');
  document.write('<img id="'+id+'img2" style="position:absolute; top:0px; left:0px;display:none;"/></div>');

  slideshowMergeCount[id]   = 0;
  slideshowMergeImages[id]  = imageArray;
  slideshowMergeAnimate[id] = 'run';
  slideshowMergeTimer[id]   = setInterval('slideshowMergeAnimation(\''+id+'\',\''+holdTime+'\');',fadeInterval);



function slideshowMergeAnimation(id,holdTime)
    var obj1 = document.getElementById(id+'img1');
    var obj2 = document.getElementById(id+'img2');

    var opa  = slideshowMergeCount[id]%100;

        slideshowMergeAnimate[id] = 'hold';
        obj2.src = obj1.src; = 'block';
    else if(opa==1)
      slideshowMergeAnimate[id] = 'load';
      obj1.src = slideshowMergeImages[id][Math.floor(slideshowMergeCount[id]/100)%slideshowMergeImages[id].length];
    } = (opa/100).toString();  = "alpha(opacity="+opa.toString()+")"; = ((100-opa)/100).toString();  = "alpha(opacity="+(100-opa).toString()+")";




function slideshowMergeRun(id)
  slideshowMergeAnimate[id] = 'run';

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Please provide a fiddle. It'd be much easier to tweak it. – Siddhartha Gupta Oct 12 '13 at 17:56

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