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Note: I am running Rails 3.1.0

In Lesson #8: Sign up

In the tutorial at time index ~25:53 - I am following the instructions to render the new page when the create action is called.

the 'create' action for users_controller is a follows:

    def create
      @user = User.new
      @title = "signup"
      render = "new"

When trying to render - I still get the "Missing Template" error displayed in the tutorial even after following the screencast. It suggests that I still require a template -> views/users/create

Any ideas? is this related to Rails 3.1.0?

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You have to use:

render :new

render is a method. render :new is basically the same as render(:new). When you do render = "new" you just assign the string "new" to a new local variable render.

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same answer, same time => +1 –  apneadiving Sep 21 '11 at 19:54
Thanks for the reply. Wiping yolk off face now. –  Raymond Kao Oct 9 '11 at 19:00


render = "new"


render "new"

It's a method requiring an argument.

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