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I have created a line chart that displays the different types of messages sent over a month (Email, Print, Voice) which are displaying on the chart just fine.
Is there an easy way to add another line which totals the values for the 3 series without changing the SQL?

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There are two way to do this in reporting services:

1. Directly in the chart

Add a new series to your line chart. Set the expression for the value to be

=Fields!Email.Value + Fields!Print.Value + Fields!Voice.Value

2. With a calculated field in the dataset

Set the calculated field "AllMessages" to be the sum of Email, Print and Voice. Then add AllMessages to your chart. Youtube Walkthrough calculated field

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I actually was grouping individual messages and the email, print, and voice numbers are all on different rows, not in individual columns. I have changed the SQL to UNION and GROUP BY so that Total is a separate row that is directly placed on the chart. I will accept your answer since it would work if I had my data grouped as you surmised and you taught me about calculated fields. Thanks !!! – Dining Philanderer Sep 22 '11 at 19:08

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