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I have a text file with a single column of data generated from a C program that I am plotting via gnuplot. Without generating an additional column for the index from the C program, i.e without changing the data from, say:




1 23423
3 43543
5 45562
7 32423

can I make gnuplot change the x axis numbering from 1,2,3,4,... to 1,3,5,7...

When I plot "stat.txt" the corresponding x value to each row entry is by default 1,2,3,4...

Presently, I did add an additional column for the index and used the command plot "stat.txt" using 1:2 but I am curious to know.

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Column 0 in gnuplot is the record number.

plot "stat.txt" using (2*$0-1):1

will give you 1,3,5 for the x values on the plot.

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