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I am trying to do ODBC import with DSN-Less connection(using text driver). Is there any way to tell SQLDriverConnect to set COLNAMEHEADER=yes/no? OR I need to use schema.ini to do it? Actually i don't want to create schema.ini manually, Can I use SQLConfigDataSource for dsn less connection? I haven't found any docs regarding this.

Thanks in advance, Manoj

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Create the schema.ini programatically before you open the text file via SQLDriverConnect. I don't see how SQLConfigDataSources can help you here, as it is specifically intended for manipulating DSNs and you don't have one.

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So there is no way to give this option with out schema.ini? Why can't I specify COLNAMEHEADER in SQLDriverConnect? – Manoj Apr 15 '09 at 7:59
Because SQLDriverConnect parameters describe the connection, not the data. – anon Apr 15 '09 at 9:02

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