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This morning my client said that some functionality was broken, yet it was all working for me. I tested on my computer, and then on two other computers using the same internet connection. On each of the 3 computers, I tested in IE, Firefox, and Chrome, and on one of them I tested in Safari, too. While I saw a design issue here or there, the functionality itself works.

The client says that he tested on both a pc and mac (chrome and safari), each computer on a different connection, and the problems were persistent.

This afternoon, while troubleshooting, I found that the site lost functionality for me as well. I think I was able to find the problem; the JQuery functionality that I refer to relies on a response from an API call. For example, if I am trying to add a question (http://stevemckinion.com/askabook/add_question.php), the content of the input gets sent to an API that handles the database insertion, and then returns a status and message. After the JQuery receives the status, it performs an action based on the status from the response.

Using firebug, I found that I was no longer getting a response from the API. It seems that the API is still functioning, as I see changes reflected in the database, but no response if coming through.

Could this be an issue with the client's server? He is using Go Daddy as his web host, and I've called and confirmed that they have him on an old legacy grid.

If not a server issue, then what? This site relies upon an internal api and also pulls info directly from Amazon using the amazon product advertising api. What are my options here?

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Whats the question? I would start by using some thing like fiddler: fiddler2.com/fiddler2 to see what was actually going to and from the browser on a computer that is experiencing the bug.. –  gordatron Sep 21 '11 at 21:42
Thanks, gordatron. I'm just trying to figure out 1)if the API response is timing out and 2) if so, why; if not, then what is the problem? I'm downloading fiddler right now. Hopefully it'll help with the debugging. –  Bad Programmer Sep 21 '11 at 22:03