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On the login screen, there is a background which features a world map behind the text.

I've had a look and I'm not sure how it's being rendered. I found this one background image ( which looks more like the color behind the globe overlay.

Any ideas how the map part is being generated?

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The map is part of the logo image, which is #doc’s background image.

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Cheers - I didn't see it because it's white :) – Tom Sep 21 '11 at 22:43

The div that takes up the whole page (<div id='doc'>) has this style set on it:

background: url("../img/front/logo-map.png") no-repeat scroll center top transparent

This makes that image the background of the div, and therefore the page.

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That picture is not the world! that is just the body's background picture. The world, is background of this div:

<div class="route-front" id="doc">

and is in this folder:


related with this stylesheet file:
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