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Consider two tables Bill and Product with a many to many relationship. How do you get all the bills for a particular product using Entity Sql?

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You need to use some linq like this;

using (YourEntities ye = new YourEntities())
   Product myProduct = ye.Product.First(p => p.ProductId = idParameter);
   var bills = myProduct.Bill.Load();       

This assumes that you have used the entitiy framework to build a model for you data. The bills variable will hold a collection of Bill objects that are related to your product object.

Hope it helps.

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Something like this

SELECT B FROM [Container].Products as P
WHERE P.ProductID == 1

will produce a row for each Bill

Another option is something like this:

FROM [Container].Products AS P
WHERE P.ProductID == 1

Which will produce a row for each matching Product (in this case just one) and the second column in the row will include a nested result set containing the bills for that product.

Hope this helps


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Alex, I just wanted to thank you. OUTER APPLY was the key that I was looking for to solve a different Entity SQL problem related to a left outer join on a many to many join (navigation property). Thank you again. –  CkH Aug 31 '14 at 1:31

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