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I can't found any sample in the online documentation for the FMX.TreeView (firemonkey Treeview) and in the samples included with delphi xe-2 to add nodes in runtime. so how I can add , remove and traverse the nodes of a Firemonkey Treeview in runtime?

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For another example of adding tree items at runtime, see the CustomTreeView project provided as an example with RAD Studio (in the Samples\FireMonkey folder). –  Alnitak Aug 13 '13 at 11:00

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I think we are all learning at this point...

But from what I have seen the TTreeView use the principle that any control can parent another control.

All you need to do is set the Parent Property to get the item to show up as a child.

  Item1 : TTreeViewItem;
  Item2 : TTreeViewItem;
  Item1 := TTreeViewItem.Create(Self);
  Item1.Text := 'My First Node';
  Item1.Parent := TreeView1;

  Item2 := TTreeViewItem.Create(Self);
  Item2.Text := 'My Child Node';
  Item2.Parent := Item1;

Because of this you can do things never possible before, such as placing any control in the TreeView. For example this code will add a button to the area used by Item2, and the button won't be visible until the Item2 is visible.

  Button := TButton.Create(self);
  Button.Text := 'A Button';
  Button.Position.X := 100;
  Button.Parent := Item2;
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It's very important note that the Root Node (all the nodes that don't are owned by another Node) shall be owned by the TreeView it self. –  Juan C.Cilleruelo Dec 30 '14 at 9:42

I have another idea. The first answer helped me get it. So Add the following code

TempItem := TTreeViewItem.Create(Self);
TempItem.Text := 'Enter Caption Here';
TempItem.Parent := TreeView;  

Now the actual trick comes when you have to free the item so that it doesn't use unnecessary memory. So lets say you use it in a loop, like I did here:

ADOTable.Connection := ADOConnection;
  ADOTable.TableName := 'MenuTree';


  ADOTable.Filter := '(CHFlag=''CURRENT'') AND (Parent=''Tree'')';
  ADOTable.Filtered := True;

  While NOT ADOTable.Eof Do
      TempItem := TTreeViewItem.Create(Self);
      TempItem.Text := ADOTable['ItemName'];
      TempItem.Parent := TreeView;
      // TempItem.Free;

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Does it give any new information for programmers than the best answear? –  Xawery Wiśniowiecki Apr 17 '14 at 11:39

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