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newbie question, is it possible to select columns by name rather than letter when using Google Query Language with Google Spreadsheets?

This works fine for me: "SELECT A, COUNT(B) GROUP BY A"

It'd be great if I could use the column headers in the first row, more like a database, as in:

"SELECT student, COUNT(detention) GROUP BY student"

I suspect it's not possible, but hope this yet another case where my Internet search skills failed me.

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This is currently not possible. The GQL documentation states[1] "Columns are referenced by the identifiers (not by labels). For example, in a Google Spreadsheet, column identifiers are the one or two character column letter (A, B, C, ...)."

If you want to do this in a spreadsheet it is possible with the following formula to convert a column header name into a letter (some tweaking might be required +1 (might be +2)). It also relies on column headers being unique and not containing commas


[1] https://developers.google.com/chart/interactive/docs/querylanguage#Select

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This works great! Would not have thought of this. – prototype Feb 14 '12 at 4:04

A little simpler:

SELECT "&SUBSTITUTE(ADDRESS(1,MATCH("student",Sheet1!A1:B1,0),4),1,"")&", COUNT("&SUBSTITUTE(ADDRESS(1,MATCH("detention",Sheet1!A1:B1,0),4),1,"")&") GROUP BY "&SUBSTITUTE(ADDRESS(1,MATCH("student",Sheet1!A1:B1,0),4),1,"")
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