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So the multiquery looks like this:

$mq = array(
    "usr"=>"SELECT uid2 FROM friend WHERE uid1 = me() LIMIT 100",
    "basics"=>"SELECT uid, name, status FROM user WHERE uid IN (SELECT uid2 FROM #usr)",
    "q1" =>"SELECT post_id, actor_id FROM stream_tag WHERE actor_id IN (SELECT uid2 FROM #usr) AND target_id=me()"

How can I get #q1 to load a single / latest stream_tag, based on the #usr query? I can't set a LIMIT 1 to #q1 because it will output the complete array as 1 limit instead of outputting the corresponding last tag message via #usr.

Keep in mind that #usr pulls 100 users, then #basics loads the uid, name, status per each user.

While on the subject, I noticed that the status only comes up for a few ppl and not everyone's last status, is there a limit on this?

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