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I have a very strange problem with tooltips inside FlowDocument. Finally I am able to narrow it down to the following xaml. Paste the following xaml into kaxaml or Blend, you will see the problem.

    <FlowDocument Background="Transparent">
                <TableColumn Width="15" />
                <TableColumn />
                        <Paragraph Margin="0,3.10333333333333,0,0">
                            <Run FontSize="5">●</Run>
                            <Run FontSize="13"
                                 ToolTip="This is a tooltip">I have a tooltip</Run>
                        <Paragraph LineHeight="0.1"
                            <Figure Name="MyFigure"
                                        <Rectangle Name="MyRectangle"
                                                   Height="50" />

The tooltip doesn't open. However if I do one of the following, the tooltip will show.

  • Change MyFigure's Width to 15
  • Change MyRectangle's Height to 5

It almost feels like the Run is covered by something so its tooltip doesn't show.

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Try to set IsDocumentEnabled="True" on FlowDocument.

Edit: IsDocumentEnabled property is on the RichTextBox and won't help in this case to make tooltip work.

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sorry, i was blind... –  Alex Mar 1 '12 at 15:12

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