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I need some advise on this.

I am creating a website in PHP using a custom MVC architecture. User records are stored in MongoDB.

What is the best practice on getting user info an keeping them in the current session? I dont want to retrieve all information from DB every time a page loads. Keeping everything in a session cookie might not be safe or even a good idea at all (Or is it?)

How can I grab user info once they log-in and use it on multiple pages without requesting for the same info? Also, what happens when something in the DB changes? By that I mean how can I realize the change and grab updated info from the DB and replace the "Temp Data Container"?

Note: DB is distributed in several machines, I want to reduce 1- Communication delay, 2- Processing delays

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Use a caching layer - memcached is common - and invalidate the cache entry for that user whenever their details are changed.

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You could pass the user info to the browser and store it in a JavaScript object that is smart enough to poll the server for changes on an interval. To share the information across page loads you post the object as JSON or XML, then send it back with the new page. Of course this is just one of many mechanisms you can implement to do this sort of thing, but it does cut out having to query the database for each page load and it will automatically pick up database changes within a defined time interval. Keep in mind that you are passing user data to the client which can be a security problem depending on your application's security requirements. If you are using SSL and authenticating the user, and the data you are passing is data they would normally have access to then there shouldn't be any problem cycling user information through the browser.

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