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The current setup ends up substituting into the below code from the template. I want it to point to localhost:8000

Without hard coding this, where and how can I change the template so that the site is linked to my localhost?

Thank you for registering an account at {{ site.domain }}. To activate your registration, please visit the following page:

http://{{ site.domain }}{% url registration_activate activation_key %}

This page will expire in {{ expiration_days }} day{{ expiration_days|pluralize }}.

If you didn't register this account you can simply delete this email and we won't bother you again.

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The site object in the template comes from the Django Site model. When you do a syncdb, it defaults automatically to

If you login to Django's admin interface, you will find "Sites". Inside it, you will be able to change to whatever you like.

enter image description here

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ok, great thank you! – Eric Strobel Sep 22 '11 at 6:44

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