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This might be a totally naive question, but i am interested to know the particular reasons. Why was PDDL developed in the first place? Why could we not do the reasoning using First Order Logic?

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Using a more specific language to express your problem makes it possible to apply more specific algorithms to solve them.

From a theoretic point of view FOL is undecidable while (certain flavors, or all? dunno) PDDL is still decidable because it can only express planning problems. And e.g. classical planning with parameterized actions is "only" like EXPTIME complete.

Of course expressing an EXPTIME problem in FOL is still solvable in EXPTIME. But how hard is it to come up with a general FOL solver that guarantees to solve all problems that are in EXPTIME using only exponential time?

On the practical side, expressing a planning problem using a special language is far more convienient than writing it down in FOL.

Wouldn't you prefer to write C++ instead of Assembler? Even though everything you can write in C++ can be expressed in Assembler.

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