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I am looking for some links or a good book on java design problems and solutions. For example, designing a dictionary, what will be the starting approach and other similar problems and solutions. Is there any link on high level design problems and their solutions ?

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I'd probably recommend Gang of Four Design Pattern.s


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I'd say: divide the problem into two steps:

  1. Think about how to design a dictionary, or other high level structure you want.
  2. Think about how to do it in Java, if at all.

High level design patterns are language independent. As soon as you choose the approach to the problem that you think it's right, start looking at how to implement it in Java, or any other language.

Wikipedia's Design pattern entry contains quite an extensive list of these; as for the famous 1995 "Design patterns" book, it's of course a classic, but in my opinion some of the patterns there are of limited use (why do many authors quote a GUI library or a text editor as examples? As if programmers did nothing but writing their own notepad replacements...).

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