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i am one beginner with erlang, and plan to read some opensource projects(erlyvideo mochiweb) first.

I have learned java、c and c++, i usually find main function and namespace to analyze the code structure, but in erlang i do not know how to dive into the code, who can give me a good advice to analyze erlang project? thanks!

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First compile and run the application. Then run appmon


and see how it is structured.

Then you can try to understand and modify core gen_servers (the ones that are closer to the top of the supervision tree).

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Every open source project will have read me file and there will be few examples on how to get started. After going through those you will come to know what you need to do for starting the application and once you have come to know that then you can start putting io:formats to check the code flow. In fact you can go through many small open source projects on github rather than going for big projects straightway. That will give you more confidence.

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