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I have a table which contains date in character format . I want to check the format of date . Please let me know how i can do this in DB2. I know there is a function ISDATE but its not working in DB2. I am on AS400 using db2 as date base .. Please help me out

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Actually, it looks like DB2 for the AS/400 may not have the ISDATE() function (I can't find anything in the V6R1 reference - or, interestingly, the LUW reference either). So your problem appears to be that the function does not exist.

The root of the problem, of course, is that attempting to translate an invalid date causes the statement to halt. In light of that, this statement should give you a date if the formatting was possible, and null if it was not. Please note that if you've mixed USA and EUR formats/ordering, you might not be able to correctly recover the data (if your separators are different, which I think they are by default, you'll probably be okay).

WITH date_format(strDate, format) as (SELECT strDate, 
                                             CASE WHEN strDate LIKE('____-__-__') THEN 'ISO'
                                                  WHEN strDate LIKE('__.__.____') THEN 'EUR'
                                                  WHEN strDate LIKE('__/__/____') THEN 'USA'
                                                  ELSE NULL END
                                      FROM dataTable)
SELECT strDate, format, CASE WHEN format IS NOT NULL THEN DATE(strDate)
                             ELSE NULL END
FROM date_format

This turns a dataTable looking like this:

String Dates
a111x90x00  -- And who knows what this is...  

Into this:

strDate      format   realDate
2011-09-22   ISO      2011-09-22   
22.09.2011   EUR      2011-09-22   
09/22/2011   USA      2011-09-22   
a111x90x00   -        -            

This example is of course using the default formats which auto-translate. If you have something else, you'll have to manually translate it (instead of returning the format, you can substring it into ISO then cast it).

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Making this a UDF will make it easier to use on other 'character date' columns. – Buck Calabro Sep 22 '11 at 16:34

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