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I want to use SWI-Prolog, Eclipse, and Java together and I have two interrelated related issues:

  1. I don't know if I should use ProDT, PDT or both in combination.

  2. PDT says that it includes a "subsystem that enables Java code to interact with SWI-Prolog". I don't know if this is sufficient on its own, or if I should use InterProlog, JPL or some combination of the three.


I want to interact with an existing java code base which uses JUNG for its datatypes, so a tidy fit to the java object heirarchy could be useful. (I want to apply constraints with JUNG objects such as trees and graphs as my domain--although I am willing to do this in a roundabout way if needed, i.e. by mapping the JUNG objects to data types more managable with SWI's available constraint modes.)

I want to deploy to PC and MAC, and also want to try out the CHRrp package for SWI.

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