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My login link on register page is not taking me to login page. Instead it is taking me to report_card page which is the loginRedirect page.

In beforeFilter i've set autoRedirect to false coz' i'm setting cookies in login function and then i'm setting $this->redirect($this->Auth->redirect());

Can someone please help me? thanks in advance.

my code:


         echo $this->Html->link('Sign Up','/merry_parents/signup',array()).' for new user |'.$this->Html->link('Login','/merry_parents/login',array()).' for existing user';


   class AppController extends Controller {

var $components=array('Auth','Session','Cookie');

function beforeFilter(){
  if (isset($this->Auth)){

        $this->Session->setFlash('Auth has not been set');  


function isAuthorized(){
    return true;


       class MerryParentsController extends AppController{

var $name='MerryParents';
var $helpers=array('Html','Form');

function beforeFilter(){


function report_card(){

function register(){


function login(){

    if ($this->Auth->user()){
        if (!empty($this->data)){
                    echo 'id: '.$this->MerryParent->id;





 echo 'HALLO';
 if (isset($id))
    echo $id;
       echo 'id has not been set';

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Actually the problem was when I clicked on login link for the first time, login link displays fine. But, the next time i click on login link again, login page doesn't display, instead report_card page (ie. the login redirect page) displays. The reason is, i didn't have a logout button anywhere on my webpage, so the user was logged on all the time. Thanks.

in register function of merry_parents_controller.php

  function register(){

in register.ctp


        if (isset($id)){
      echo $this->Html->link('Logout',

    echo $this->Html->link('Sign Up','/merry_parents/signup',array()).' for new user |'.
        $this->Html->link('Login','/merry_parents/login',array()).' for existing user';


now, login and logout works fine.

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