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How to play back Rational Functional Tester 8.1 without IDE instead use command prompt please provide the command

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Possible duplicate of IBM RFT command line execution -datastore -playback parameter – neves Mar 1 at 15:23

Do a search for "command line" at the following link:

You'll get a full page of info.

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java -classpath "Path for rational_ft.jar" com.rational.ft.test.rational_ft -datastore "projectfilePath" -compile "scriptName"

java -classpath "Path for rational_ft.jar" com.rational.ft.test.rational_ft -datastore "projectfilePath" -playback "scriptName"

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java -classpath "%IBM_RATIONAL_RFT_INSTALL_DIR%\rational_ft.jar" com.rational.test.ft.rational_ft -datastore C:\Users\username\IBM\rationalsdp\workspace\Project1 -playback Script1 -log Script1

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