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My postgres database in UTF-8 and client in UTF-8 too.
When i try to:

select xmlelement(name pampam, xmlattributes('русский' as "top"));

I get back:

<pampam top="&#x440;&#x443;&#x441;&#x441;&#x43A;&#x438;&#x439;"/>`  

But i want get back attribute as is( i.e. in Russian UTF-8), not as &#x440....
How i can do this?

This is not solve problem, I use xmleliment to construct xml from data get back by queries. And i can't find another way to do this...

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This doesn't appear to be possible. The values to print are passed to libxml, and that's how it chooses to print it.

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Probably it is not the best solution but this works for me:

SELECT xmlparse(CONTENT '<element attribute=''áéíóú´ñÇ`''>value</element>')

I get back:

<element attribute='áéíóú´ñÇ`'>value</element>
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I have just created a character entity to character conversion function, entity2char:

            xmlelement(name pampam, xmlattributes('русский' as "top"))
 <pampam top="русский"/>
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