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So I have just finished building an iOS app for a client and they want me to release it under their company developer account.

I am an admin for the account but not an agent.

I cant build the app for release because i don't have the Distribution certificate and key pair and they arn't smart enough to do it themselves.

How can i release this app to the app store?

ALSO: i have been over eery possible reference i could find so far but no one seems to have the answer.

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For creating Provisional profile follow this step:

1)go to : developer.apple.com 2)then go to : member center and login 3)after login : iOS Provisioning Portal 4)and star with "Launch Assistant" and follow ahed steps are mention in new window are open.

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not really what i mean –  Codr Sep 22 '11 at 10:31

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