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I wrote a WPF application, and when it is opened and focused, I cannot show the taskbar when my cursor hovers on the bottom edge (the taskber is auto-hidden), regardless of whether the application is maximized or re-sized to a smaller dimension. I have to manually click the "Window" start button on the keyboard to show the taskbar (of course that also show the start menu as well).

I found a similar question being asked in SO - Auto hide taskbar not appearing - but in my case the taskbar still won't show even if it's not maximized, and I did not override the MINMAXINFO record. The XAML of application MainWindow is as simple as this:

<ribbon:RibbonWindow x:Class="MySoftware.MainWindow"
        Title="My Software" Icon="Images\myLogo.ico"
        x:Name="MainWindow1" Background="#FFE8E8E8" WindowState="Maximized" WindowStyle="ThreeDBorderWindow">
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Since you are using a RibbonWindow, the problem most probably lies there. I am doing something similar using a third-party control, and submitted a bug report, which was then later fixed.

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