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I have number of records in database of which some are duplicates like

1 test 20-09-2011
2 main 20-09-2011
3 New  20-09-2011
4 test 20-09-2011
5 test 20-09-2011
6 test 20-09-2011
7 main 20-09-2011
8 main 20-09-2011

Now what i want is i get all three distinct records but with maximum id record out of them as below:

3 New  20-09-2011
6 test 20-09-2011
8 main 20-09-2011

Please suggest

Thanks all

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I suggest you tell us what you've already tried... –  Tieson T. Sep 22 '11 at 8:08

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select *  
from table as t1
where t1.id = (select max(t2.id) from table as t2 where t1.name =t2.name)

where name is the second attribute of your table.

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