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Our requirement is to develop an Android App &/or service that does the following. Listen to http (port 80) requests/packets sent from the device (by any app). forward them to a different server and not to the host that they are meant to go to.

Can someones please indicate whether this is possible and if yes, then how?

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Hi I am also facing some problem, any help will be greatly appreciated. – Anup Rojekar Sep 22 '11 at 8:17

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It's possible on android versions 4.0 or greater with VPNService. Have a look at the ToyVpn example provided by google. It's not nice for the user as they get a popup and a constant icon on the notification bar, but it's possible.

If you only want port 80 you will have to decode the ip and tcp headers in your app.

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As android is a Linux system you might want to check redirection by using its iptables. However I assume that you might need root rights to do so.

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