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I would like to calculate the x and y component of the gradient of a 2D image. As in MATLAB is calculated with [dT2,dT1] = gradient(T);

ReaderType::Pointer T_g     // image 
FilterType::Pointer gradientFilter = FilterType::New();
gradientFilter->SetInput( T_g->GetOutput());

With this sentence, I get the result, but I want to have the x-component and the y-component gradientFilter->GetOutput() Is there any method to extract it? I am looking for it but I have no positive result!

Thanks so much


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The output of the gradientFilter will be a vector image. I assume from your description it's a 2d image!

ImageType::IndexType index;

gradientFilter->GetOutput()->GetPixel(index)[0]; // will return first component of xcoord,ycoord
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the last '[0]' is not working , also if I try index[2]= 0 is algo giving me an error! –  Antonio Sep 26 '11 at 12:38
index[2] should give you an error if you're working with a 2d image! try "std::cout << gradientFilter->GetOutput()->GetPixel(index) << std::endl" and see what the output is –  dirkboye Sep 27 '11 at 19:00



template class itk::NthElementImageAdaptor< TImage, TOutputPixelType >

Presents an image as being composed of the N-th element of its pixels.

It assumes that the pixels are of container type and have in their API an operator[]( unsigned int ) defined.

Additional casting is performed according to the input and output image types following C++ default casting rules.

Wiki Examples:

All Examples

Extract a component of an itkImage with pixels with multiple components

Process the nth component/element of a vector image
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