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I have one table records with the columns:


and the values respectively:

|1     |google  |Admin    | 12  |
|2     |yahoo   |Admin    | 1   |
|3     |bing    |Manager  | 4   |

What i want to do is take all of the records with the same user.id and sum there hours together in SQL. Perhaps its the early mornign but i cant seem to figure out a way of doing this. I thought about using sql to find the duplicates but thats only going to return a number and not what i want to do with them. This sounds like a really simple thing so sorry in advance.

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select   user_name,
from     your_table
group by user_name;
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You would group on the user name and use the sum aggregate on the hours:

select [user.name], sum(hours) as hours
from TheTable
group by [user.name]
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