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I am a javascript beginner I am trying to make following simple script:

-on every scroll event, check if a certain element is in view

-if an element has been found, check its number and add ".active" class to the corresponding link in the navigation menu.

My script so far is working, however i think its a bit messy, because I am constantly writing the same lines of code multiple times. But check yourself:

//Inview function
var sectionNumber = "0";

//check what section is inview with every scroll event and add .active to the active nav element
$(window).scroll(function() {

    //start by removing all active links
    $('.mainNav li a').removeClass('active');

    //check what section is visible and set the variable sectionNumber to it
    //repeat the proccess or all sections
     if( $(window).scrollTop() + $(window).height() > $('#section1').offset().top ) {

        var sectionNumber = "1";

    } if( $(window).scrollTop() + $(window).height() > $('#section2').offset().top ) {

        var sectionNumber = "2";


    else {

    //if no section is visible, remove all active links
    $('.mainNav li a').removeClass('active');   


    //get the var sectionNumber from above and add class active to the corresponding link - also remove all previous active links
    $('.mainNav li a').removeClass('active');


As you can see I am checking for each element, but I think it should be possible, to only check once and determine what element is inview?

Additionaly, whats the best way to call the script on pageload once too? Before any scroll event has happened? Simply copy&paste the script outside the "scroll function"?



It works simplier by using http://www.appelsiini.net/projects/viewport

And this code:

$(window).scroll(function () {
  var inview = '#' + $('.sectionSelector:in-viewport:first').parent().attr('id'),
      $link = $('.mainNav li a').filter('[hash=' + inview + ']');
  if ($link.length && !$link.is('.active')) {
    $('.mainNav li a').removeClass('active');
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Is appelsiini.net/projects/viewport what you're looking for? – Matijs Sep 22 '11 at 9:01
you should define your var only once, the other times are just assignments, don't recreate your vars :) – Snicksie Sep 22 '11 at 9:02
Hi, yeah I guess it does the same thing as I am doing and its for sure better coded, but I wouldnt like to include a whole new plugin, since my code is working after all and I was just wondering if it can be improved? Thanks! – Andrej Sep 22 '11 at 9:03
possible duplicate of jQuery - Check if element is visible after scroling – Felix Kling Sep 22 '11 at 9:04
It might be worth taking a look at Remy Sharp's jQuery for Designers website, where he has a tutorial on 'Scroll-linked navigation,' which seems to be (similar) to what you're trying to achieve. – David Thomas Sep 22 '11 at 9:06

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