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I've done a few searches on this subject but non of the solutions seem to work so perhaps my requirement is slightly different.

Basically I have a "content" table and a "file_screenshots" table. Each row in the "file_screenshots" table has a "screenshot_content_id" column. I want to select from the "content" table, join the "file_screenshots" table but only select a maximum of 5 screenshots for any single piece of content.

If this isn't possible i'm happy to use two queries, but again i'm not sure how to limit the results to only receiving 5 screenshots per piece of content.

Here is an example query:

SELECT * FROM content 
LEFT JOIN file_screenshots 
ON file_screenshots.screenshot_content_id = content.content_id 
WHERE content_type_id = 4
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Check this question: – ypercubeᵀᴹ Sep 22 '11 at 9:37
And this:… – ypercubeᵀᴹ Sep 22 '11 at 9:39
Cheers for the links but I can't see how to directly use the examples given in those answers to my own solution. The second one returns a list of all the content with extra columns for a single screenshot (rather than 5 rows for each piece of content as I would like) and I can't figure out exactly how to rewrite the first link for my own example at all. – robjbrain Sep 22 '11 at 9:59
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Assuming you have some sort of unique id column in your file_screenshots table, this should work for you:

    content c
    file_screenshots fs
    ON (fs.screenshot_content_id = c.content_id)
    file_screenshots fs2
    ON (fs2.screenshot_content_id = c.content_id AND <
    COUNT(*) < 5
ORDER BY c.content_id,

I've named the id column id. Rename it if neccessary.

If you want the 5 screenshots with the highest id, reverse the vs. comparison.

    ON (fs2.screenshot_content_id = c.content_id AND >
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Cheers that works really well, the only problem I could foresee is that it won't work if there are no screenshots, even if you use left join. For me that's not a problem right now, but it should be noted for anyone else reading this :) – robjbrain Sep 22 '11 at 11:01
@FreezeDriedPop Replace the first JOIN with a LEFT JOIN, and you should also get rows from content that have no corresponding rows in file_screenshots – Ivar Bonsaksen Sep 22 '11 at 11:09

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