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Who knows how to customize your own eclipse? I want to include some plugins and use it as bundled solution and not to install additional plugin when I want to use it on other machine.

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I think you are referring to so called Individual Source Bundle, which you can build and create your own setup that will install your custom Eclipse bundle on desired machine.

Another solution would be just creating simple install/archive that will unpack c:\eclipse\ to c:\eclipse\ (or whatever) on target machine. This will work since Eclipse is not hardware dependent (but sure, it is OS dependent) because it's Java based.

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This is what I've done in the past.

The first thing you have to do is a fresh install of eclipse, all the plugins you intend to use, and their configurations. After that just copy the eclipse folder AND the workspace/.metadata folder (this one could be an hidden folder) to the new machine.

Copying those folders to a new machine and running eclipse with the -clean flag (only needed the first time) seems to work fine so far.

I ran into some problems when trying to use 32bit eclipse in an 64bit environment, but I guess it's normal that it doesn't work. Also, this is not a cross-platform solution, i.e you cannot use your Mac installation of eclipse in Windows, or vice-versa.

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