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I have a bulletin board (punBB based) that I was running out of the root directory for a couple of years. I foolishly decided to do a little gardening and in the process moved the punbb code into it's own subdirectory. The code works great; as long as you point the browser at the new subdirectory. The issue is that the users expect to see it at the root...

I tried an index file in the root that had the following:

<?php chdir('punbb');

But that didn't seem to do the trick. So, I tried using the "damn cool voodoo" of mod_rewrite in .htaccess but I can't seem to figure out the right combination of rules to make it work.

Here is what I would like to make happen:

User enters:

Browser displays: 


Is this possible, or should I just move the code base back into the root?

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Something like this in .htacces should do it:

    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteRule ^/?$ /punbb/ [R=301,L]

The 301 return code is to mark the move as permanentm making it posible for the browser to update bookmarks.

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a PHP file with a 301 HTTP permenant redirect.

Put the following into index.php in the root directory of

Header( "HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently" );
Header( "Location:" );

browser will re-direct with search engine friendliness.

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Unless there is no mod_rewrite support on your server, you should avoid this approach as the user must download this web page and have the browser display it before executing a second transaction back to the server. The delay is usually long enough for the user to notice. Go for mod_rewrite if poss. – Cheekysoft Sep 16 '08 at 18:32

Your example code is missing but here's one way to do it using mod_rewrite:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^$ [L,R=301]
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Just a note to clarify: This would need to be in the webroot's .htaccess file, (not within the the punbb directory). – Peter Boughton Sep 16 '08 at 18:04

You could write a small redirect script to take care of this simply and quickly.

header( 'Location:' ); 

Enter that as the only content in your index.php in your root directory, and any requests sent to that folder will then redirect the user to the forum.

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