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I've a project in Java and Scala and I use maven to compile it. A Java class uses Pelops to access a Cassandra database and it is all fine (maven compile the entire project), but when I try to access Cassandra from a Scala object (using tha same import as in the Java fil) maven give me this error :

[ERROR] error: error while loading Bytes, Missing dependency 'class com.eaio.uuid.UUID', required by /home/dacanalr/.m2/repository/pelops/pelops/1.0/pelops-1.0.jar(org/scale7/cassandra/pelops/Bytes.class)

What this mean and how can I solve ? I don't understand why from Java file it works, but don't from Scala source...

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I added uuid-3.2.jar to the project and now seems to work –  dacanalr Sep 22 '11 at 13:22

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15 seconds in Google to find this page, which I think contains a library you need at runtime


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