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I have been working with the CAMERA module for my application since few days. I have customized the complete camera module instead of invoking the hardware inbuilt mobile camera through an intent. I have used the call backs for shutter, picture etc Now I am trying to add the ZOOM and AUTO-FOCUS features to this customized camera. Can anybody please let me know the way to add the ZOOM and AUTO-FOCUS features along with the required permissions which should be mentioned in the manifest file..hope i will be helped as soon as possible.

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Couple of observations from my end.

1) Camera.autoFocus is a one-time call, applicable when Camera.getParameters.getFocusMode() is either FOCUS-MODE-AUTO or FOCUS-MODE-MACRO, in other cases you don't need to invoke the autoFocus method. See the API Docs and follow them devotedly.

2) By one-time call, it means that this method does not register the AutoFocusCallback instance to receive notifications continuously.

3) Rather, FOCUS-MODE-AUTO isn't even a dynamic and continuous focus constant. Instead, you might want to use FOCUS-MODE-EDOF or FOCUS-MODE-CONTINUOUS-PICTURES depending on the API Level and the SDK version that you are using and building for.

4) There is every possibility that the actual Device Camera may not support some FOCUS-MODE constants, such as EDOF or INFINITE. Always make sure when you are creating the camera-parameters, you check for getSupportedFocusModes and use the applicable constants.

5) Calling camera.autoFocus just before camera.takePicture can bloat the resulting jpeg-byte-array in the PictureCallBack to at least 50% more than it's original size. Not calling autoFocus() explicitly may sometimes cause the previous autoFocus() to end at a very low-resolution that may result a jpeg-byte-array length of only a 10K bytes, resulting in a null image bitmap from the BitmapFactory.

6) Regarding auto-focus permissions, see the API Docs.

7) Regarding Zoom, it is not as complicated as implementing the Auto-focus feature. Depending on screen-interaction such as slider, or hardware keys such as volume-keys, you could implement a ZoomChangeListener that you can register with the Camera as soon as the Camera instance is received from open(int cameraId).

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Thank you so much for your time and efforts –  RDC Sep 26 '13 at 8:05

For zoom (2x):

   Camera.Parameters parameters = camera.getParameters();
   parameters.set("zoom", "2.0");
   parameters.set("taking-picture-zoom", "20");

For api level > 5 use the api's like setZoom() etc

For autofocussing (taken from zxing)

public final boolean onKeyDown(int keyCode, KeyEvent event) {

synchronized(this) {
if (!bIsPictureTaking) {

    if (keyCode == KeyEvent.KEYCODE_DPAD_CENTER || keyCode == KeyEvent.KEYCODE_CAMERA)    {

            if (!bIsPictureTaking && !bIsAutoFocusStarted){

                YourAutoFocusCallback autoFocusCallBack = new YourAutoFocusCallback();



final class YourAutoFocusCallback implements Camera.AutoFocusCallback {

  private static final long AUTOFOCUS_INTERVAL_MS = 1500L;

  private final CameraConfigurationManager configManager;
  private boolean reinitCamera;
  private Handler autoFocusHandler;
  private int autoFocusMessage;

  AutoFocusCallback(CameraConfigurationManager configManager) {
    this.configManager = configManager;

  void setHandler(Handler autoFocusHandler, int autoFocusMessage) {
    this.autoFocusHandler = autoFocusHandler;
    this.autoFocusMessage = autoFocusMessage;

  public void onAutoFocus(boolean success, Camera camera) {
    if (autoFocusHandler != null) {
      Message message = autoFocusHandler.obtainMessage(autoFocusMessage, success);
      autoFocusHandler.sendMessageDelayed(message, AUTOFOCUS_INTERVAL_MS);
      autoFocusHandler = null;

    } else {

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Am I correct in assuming that I dont need CameraConfigurationManager if I setParameters surfaceChanged and how to create/pass Handler using setHandler.My focus code is here.I have to press and hold the ShutterButton for few seconds for the Camera to focus,only then can I takePicture.Placing PictureCallback code in a Thread/AsyncTask did not help. I borrowed the code for the ShutterButton here. –  vamsiampolu Jan 3 '14 at 8:43

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