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I'm trying to assign an object in the style of an associate array in JS but it's failing, saying '' is undefined. Why is this?

var response = Object();
$('.task-list').each(function() {
  response[][$('#' +'toArray')];
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You are referencing the object as a two dimensional array.

You should do it more like this:

var response = {};
$(".task-list").each(function () {
    response[] = $(this).sortable('toArray');

Also, when you say the error is " is undefined", do you mean " is undefined"? If you are selecting elements based on class, they may not have an explicit id.

<span class="task-list">myTask</span>

You may want to include an id:

<span class="task-list" id="myTask">myTask</span>
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You are trying to access a property that you haven't created yet. Although it's not actually clear what you are trying to do from your example. I'm assuming you want to set the value of response[] to $('#' +'toArray')?

Try this instead:

var response = {};
$('.task-list').each(function() {
    response[] = $(this).sortable('toArray');

Also changed it to use $(this) instead of $('#' + as it's cleaner imo.

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