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I've built a helper which returns the string which I supposed to insert into HTML. I'm using Haml, so html.haml file has this line:

= build_filetree 'small'

It rendered the result into this:

<ul class="filetree"><li><span class="folder">
span class="file">nested_file1.rb</span></li><li><
li><span class="file">file1.rb</span></li><li>
<span class="file">file2.rb</span></li></ul>

But I expected this:

<ul class="filetree">
  <li><span class="folder">folder</span></li>
    <li><span class="file">nested_file1.rb</span></li>
    <li><span class="file">nested_file2.rb</span></li>
  <li><span class="file">file1.rb</span></li>
  <li><span class="file">file2.rb</span></li>

What is the problem and how to fix it? Thanks

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Just use raw helper. For example:

raw(“<ul class="filetree">...</ul>”)
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