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Let's say i have two objects from EF with INotifyPropertyChanged.

Object1 has many Object2 and the BindingSource1 has many Object1.

If I change some Properties of BindingSource1.Current (Object1) I'm able to restore them by calling BindigSource1.CancelEdit, before the BindingSource1.Current (Object1) has changed.

But if I create a BindingSource2 for the Objects2 in the BindingSource1.Current (Object1) and change Properties in BindingSource2(Object2), I can't restore them by calling BindigSource1.CancelEdit.

In my case I have BindingSource1 bind to DataGridView1 and BindingSource2 to DataGridView2. Now I want so Retore Object1 and all its Object2 if the user selects an other Object1 in DataGridView1 without clicking Save.


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