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I am using HSQL ver 1.7. There is a part where I have a HQL like the following

String hql = "from ProductInv prodInv where in (:prodList)";

prodList contains list of product ids and the above hql is to get product inventories of the required product ids in prodList.

This hql is translated to a native sql query with "cross join". When this works against my actual db2, it works fine. But my unit tests based on HSQL fails. It says "cross join" is not a recognized keyword.

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You need to upgrade to one of the latest versions of HSQLDB (HSQLDB Versions 1.7.x are at least 7 years old).

If your version of Hibernate is 3.6 or later, use the latest HSQLDB (2.2.8 or later). For older versions of Hibernate, use

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I will try with recent version. – Sripaul Sep 22 '11 at 12:10

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