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Is there any way to convert an object into an XML element in AS3?

I found this tutorial to serialize them:


But I also need a way to unserialize to get the original object (with its own properties) and ready to stage.addChild

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disclaimer: In the following message, when I write (un)serialize I talk about XML

You can (un)serialize a data object with properties such as numbers, arrays, objects or strings. But you can't (un)serialize a graphic object if you don't have all the instructions needed to rebuild it.

The last part of your question (adding to stage the unserialized object) made me think you want to (un)serialize a DisplayObject. If the construction of your DisplayObject can be summarize with some properties (the URL of an image in a Loader, or the size and color of a rectangle in a Shape) you can develop an ad hoc serializer. But this won't work for any custom Sprite.

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If you use the new(ish) drawGraphicsData() and drawPath() methods to draw the display object graphics, then you can store the drawing commands in an instance variable (and serialize/deserialize them). –  Joe Ward Sep 23 '11 at 17:27

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