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I am writing an API that reads from MySQL and Solr (which can give latencies of 150ms) to provide formatted output. I will be hosting this on a VPS, and I need to choose a web server for this application. It will be used only within localhost (and local LAN in future).

I have these concerns:

  1. Launches multiple worker threads to minimize bottlenecks with consurrent requests (Solr can take 150ms to return a request)
  2. Can easily respawn when a component crashes and restarting is just a matter of servd -restart
  3. deploying a new application is as simple as copying a folder to the www directory (or equivalent) so that new requests to this app will be served from then on.

I am not optimizing for performance for now, so I need something easy to setup. And is #3 not possible for a non-load balanced Django app?

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Gunicorn is very simple to deploy and manage. It has no built-in reloading capability but you could easily use an external utility such as watchdog to monitor a directory and reload gunicorn using kill -HUP <pid>.

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