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I am developing a small desktop application in Netbeans. The application is complete and working fine. A small description of application is as follow:

The application is basically an object manager, where user add new object, remove old objects and connect object with each other. What i did is that i simply add 3 panel and change its type to titled border. One for Add object one for remove and one for connect.


Every thing is working fine as expected.

What Left:

In order to make UI more appealing i added a new panel at the end and called it "Object Viewer". I am planing to visualize the steps which user performs e.g

  1. If user add an object then i that pannel i will daraw a little circle and fill it with green color

  2. Similarly if user remove some object then again i will draw another cricle and fill that with red

  3. And when user connects two object then i will draw two circle and connect them with a dotted line

This is my first java application, i only want to know how do i acheive this task. Some links or experience are highly appreciated

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You can either do that manually with Java 2D, which I don't recommend, or, since you are using Netbeans (and I assume the Netbeans Platform, but this is not required), I would strongly suggest looking at the Netbeans Visual Library. It can do exactly what you want.

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The Java tutorials about graphics will give you more information on general graphic handling in Java. –  suknic Sep 22 '11 at 12:04
@suknic - Doing graphs / connections / layouts in Java 2D is going to be such a lot of unnccesary work. The Netbeans Visual Library (which can be used without using the Netbeans Platform) does all of that for you. –  Nico Huysamen Sep 22 '11 at 12:07
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As for custom painting in swing, have a look here: http://download.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/uiswing/painting/

However, I'd suggest using a graph visualization library like JUNG etc. Using this you'd basically only have to define your object graph.

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As Nico Huysamen said you can do that with Java 2D. But because it's your first Java application I strongly recommend to do it manually with this lybrary in order to understand how higer level lybraries work.

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