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In my ASP.Net (VB Code) that I had 3 variable to store 3 different date.

how can I compare 3 variable to find the last day between 3 date ?


date1 = '21/01/2011'

date2 = '31/12/2011'

date3 = '19/09/2011'

the result should be '31/12/2011' after comparsion

Thanks Joe

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You can just compare them:

Dim date1 As DateTime = #01/21/2011#
Dim date2 As DateTime = #12/31/2011#
Dim date3 As DateTime = #09/19/2011#

Dim last as DateTime = date1
If date2 > last Then
  last = date2
End If
If date3 > last Then
  last = date3
End If
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thank you very much –  Joe Yan Sep 22 '11 at 12:08

This should work, with Linq library

Dim t1 As DateTime = DateTime.Parse("12/4/2011")
Dim t2 As DateTime = DateTime.Parse("12/2/2011")
Dim t3 As DateTime = DateTime.Parse("12/3/2011")

Dim dates As New List(Of DateTime)()

Dim latestdate As DateTime = dates.Max()

When you put it in a list you don't need worry if you have 3 dates or 300. This will always work.

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+1 for a better scalable solution –  Sander Sep 22 '11 at 12:34
thx a lot...... –  Joe Yan Sep 23 '11 at 6:55

Use DateTime.Compare method.

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