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Im trying to configure SOLR spell checking. My request and response seem to be working fine. Only problem is how do i get the Collations from the response.

This is the part of my response that has the collations. What methods in the API do i use to extract the 3 collations.

 <str name="collation">ipod tough</str>
 <str name="collation">ipad tough</str>
 <str name="collation">wood tough</str>
 <str name="collation">food tough</str>

This is the method that im using currently:

List<String> suggestedTermsList = new ArrayList<String>();
if(aQueryResponse == null) {
  return suggestedTermsList;

try {
  SpellCheckResponse spellCheckResponse = aQueryResponse.getSpellCheckResponse();
  if(spellCheckResponse == null) {
    throw new Exception("No SpellCheckResponse in QueryResponse");

 List<Collation> collationList = spellCheckResponse.getCollatedResults();

  for(Collation c : collationList){

}catch(Exception e) {
  Trace.Log("SolrSpellCheck",Trace.HIGH, "Exception: " + e.getMessage());
return suggestedTermsList;

My response header is like so:

spellcheck={suggestions={ipood={numFound=5,startOffset=0,endOffset=5,suggestion=[ipod, ipad, wood, food, pod]},collation=ipod tough,collation=ipad tough,collation=wood tough,collation=food tough}}}

I get 4 collations which I want to add to a List suggestedTermsList which I then return to the calling code. Right now my ArrayList has 4 collations but it only has the last collation repeated 4 times. i.e food tough - four times.

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You don't say what client API you are using, or how you are reading the response. Are you using SolrJ? – Mike Sokolov Sep 22 '11 at 12:07
Hi Mike, Please have a look at my updated question. – Kudzanai Vudzijena Sep 22 '11 at 12:31
Hmm that seems weird. I haven't heard of a bug like that. Are you sure you aren't reporting them incorrectly in an outer layer you have't shown us here? – Mike Sokolov Sep 22 '11 at 13:56
I ended up adding spellcheck.collateExtendedResults = true and it returned the proper collations. I got help from the lucene forums.… – Kudzanai Vudzijena Sep 29 '11 at 10:27

I think you want to call QueryResponse.getSpellCheckResponse() and go from there. Here are some links to documentation you might find helpful:

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