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I have encountered that while streaming song with AudioStreamer following error occured:

Audio queue start failed. err: hwiu 1752656245

this error occured in the following code

err = AudioQueueStart(audioQueue, NULL);
if (err)
    [self failWithErrorCode:AS_AUDIO_QUEUE_START_FAILED];

where audioQueue is object of AudioQueueRef. What to do to prevent going into if condition?? What could be the error? I am using AudioStreamer example of github?

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Ok I found the solution and that worked fine for me. Just go to the link of ConeyBeare's website. He has discussed same problem.

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I couldn't find where to add those lines?Can you help? –  Yogi Jun 5 '12 at 7:34
@Yogi: Please search "createQueue" around line 1494 as said in the link. Or you just take a look of previous version code of that mention date of AudioStreamer you will get the hint to add those lines. –  DShah Jun 6 '12 at 18:37
:Got it..Thanks for the help. –  Yogi Jun 11 '12 at 5:33
you can contribute your vote if this answer helped... –  DShah Jun 11 '12 at 6:02

Did you refer to this links?

Second one is most interesting.

Audio queue start failed

AudioQueue fails to start


Try if you have referred to it.

This may help you.

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