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I upgraded to JBoss 7.0.1 and we are using the following JNDI lookup to get a connection to a HornetQ message queue.

InitialContext jndiContext = new InitialContext();
QueueConnectionFactory qf = (QueueConnectionFactory) jndiContext.lookup( "ConnectionFactory" );

This results in a NameNotFoundException when used with JBoss 7. I have also tried the following:

  • java:jms/ConnectionFactory
  • java:env/ConnectionFactory

.. and some others. But I think guessing won't get me far. How do I get the new JNDI names that are not logged in the console (like my EJB beans)?

Kind regards, Sebastian

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Did not test it, but would give that a try, since says:

Unqualified relative names like "DefaultDS" or "jdbc/DefaultDS" should be qualified relative to "java:comp/env", "java:module/env", or "java:jboss/env", depending on the context.

Correction and edit: Had a look at my installation and correct is:


as it is defined in domain.xml also.

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Thanks, java:/ConnectionFactory is definitely correct, did not configure messaging in the standalone.xml, see my answer. Not sure, if the configuration in standalone.xml must be ConnectionFactory or java:/ConnectionFactory in JBoss 7.0.1 (see the bug tracker). Works now and will mark your answer as correct, since the JNDI name is perfectly fine. – Sebastian Wramba Sep 22 '11 at 15:20

Solved it:

The whole HornetQ part was deactivated by default in JBoss 7. Had to copy the corresponding part from the standalone-preview.xml to standalone.xml and move everything from META-INF/hornetq-jms.xml to the JBoss config.

Now I have the ConnectionFactory configured like this:

            <connection-factory name="InVmConnectionFactory">
                    <connector-ref connector-name="in-vm"/>
                    <entry name="ConnectionFactory"/>

and I can use it by doing this JNDI lookup:

QueueConnectionFactory qf = (QueueConnectionFactory) jndiContext.lookup( "java:/ConnectionFactory" );

This is caused by a bug in the JMS configuration of JBoss 7. Seems to be fixed in 7.0.1, used that version, didn't notice any fix - however, the above configuration works.

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