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I want to compare an individual file - not see all of the changes in one revision of a repository versus another revision.

The way I'm doing it now is

hg clone C:\me.123 -r 123

Then I use a file comparison tool in Windows to compare the current version C:\me against C:\me.123.

So, okay, this is not an efficient way to do file comparisons for a single file since I have to pull the entire repository from bitbucket every time.

At the moment I just want to compare README.txt in C:\me against README.txt from revision 123.

How do I do that?

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If the file you have locally is your working copy then you can just use the hg diff command and specifiy a revision

hg diff -r 123 filename
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If you clone a repository, you have it's whole history. So you don't have to reclone from the source to get a particular revision, you could just clone from your existing copy. But, of course, that's still very inefficient for diffing a single file.

hg diff -r 123 README.txt

That command will do what you want when you're in C:\me.

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