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The text looks like this:

"Beginning. 1. The container is 1.5 meters long 2. It can hold up to 2lt of fluid. 3. It 4 holes."

There may not be a dot at the end of each list element.

How can I split this text into a list as shown below?

"The container is 1.5 meters long"
"It can hold up to 2lt of fluid."
"It has 4 holes."

In other words I need to match (\d+)\. such that all (\d+) are consecutive integers so that I can split and trim the text between them. Is it possible with regex? How far do I have to venture into the realm of computer science?

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What if the container was 2.5 meters long? –  Howard Sep 22 '11 at 13:40
+1 to Howard, that would be very unfortunate according to the way I asked the question. –  nurettin Sep 22 '11 at 14:07

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as the splitting regex, i. e. in PHP

$result = preg_split('/\d+\.(?!\d)/', $subject);

The negative lookahead (?!\d) ensures that no digit follows after the dot has been matched.

Or make the spaces mandatory - if that's an option:

$result = preg_split('/\s+\d+\.\s+/', $subject);
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Good point, not matching floating point numbers, but ordered list prefixes only. This is the most complete answer. –  nurettin Sep 22 '11 at 14:11

This is working c# code:

string s = "Beginning. 1. The container is 1.5 meters long 2. It can hold up to 2lt of fluid. 3. It has 4 holes.";
string[] res = Regex.Split(s, @"\s*\d+\.\s+");

foreach (var r in res)


I split on \s*\d+\.\s+ that means optional white space, followed by at least one digit ,followed by a dot, then at least one whitespace.

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